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by contributing author Bill Berthold

2. Is Ryan Tannehill a number one fantasy quarterback?

A lot of experts are extremely high on Tannehill. Fantasy magazines and websites will highlight the newly acquired Mike Wallace as a reason for Tannehill's certain greatness. Be careful. For one, Wallace is an overrated wide receiver who has average hands and has lost some of his speed. Two, Tannehill's 16 NFL starts are nearly as much as his 20 starts on the collegian level. Sure his arm strength is top notch, but Tannehill is still raw.

1. How will Robert Griffin’s injury effect his running the football?

The question with Griffin isn’t when he will return, he obviously will, but how much will the phenom run the football? If Shannon is gun shy about lining Griffin up in the pistol for fear of injury it will greatly reduce his value. In the end NFL coaches will do anything to win. If it means Griffin running the football 12 times a game. Tough call on Griffin, but the gut says to stay away this year.