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by contributing author Bill Berthold
7. Is new Arizona Cardinal Quarterback Carson Palmer be the second coming of Kurt Warner? 

Any quarterback with Larry Fitzgerald as a targert should get consideration. Can Palmer consistently deliver the ball to his stud receiver? There are enough doubts about his arm strength to put the Cardinals signal caller squarely into the back up fantasy quarterback category.

6. Is 2013 the year Peyton Manning shows his age? 

Manning had a remarkable first season in Denver. He tied a career high with nine 300 yard games. Still the number of touchdown's Manning threw in 2012 matches his age, 37. Will Father Time come calling? Trust in Manning as a fantasy starting quarterback is obviously not misplaced. However, a quality backup should be drafted in case the worse happens.

5. Can Tom Brady still be Tom Brady without Wes Welker?

Welker’s loss isn’t insurmountable. Newly acquired Danny Amendola should do a reasonable impression. What is more concerning is the health of tight end Rob Gronkowski. It sounds strange, but caution should be taken when drafting Brady. Out of all the upper echelon quarterbacks, he is most likely headed for a regression. 

4. Does Cam Newton have enough weapons to warrant a first or second round selection? 

The perception is Newton regressed in 2012 and that may cause him to slide in fantasy football drafts. Don't let it happen. Newton rushed for more yards last season and his 19 touchdowns were only two behind his rookie campaign. Newton had a strong second half in 2012. As good as his numbers have been, there is a feeling Newton has just scratched the surface. Draft him high with confidence. 

3. Is Andrew Luck immune to the sophomore jinx? 

Prediction: Luck will be underrated and going lower in fantasy drafts than his talents warrant. This season will be the latest fantasy owners will be able to draft the Colt's franchise player for the next 12 years. New offensive coordinator and all, Luck will improve on last years 23 touchdowns and enter elite status.