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by contributing author Bill Berthold

Week One is complete and half the fantasy football nation is undefeated, the other half win less. For those win less teams the question is: to panic or not to panic? For some owners panic may be premature. For other owners, if you own one of the below mentioned players then it’s never too early to hit the panic button.

Cause For Concern

The Colts Skill Position Players:

While it’s tough to hit a team while they are down, if you own Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai, Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie and to a lesser extent Reggie Wayne then what you saw this past Sunday had you running for the Tums. The Colts turned an average Houston Texans defense into the second coming of the Monsters of the Midway. With Kerry Collins in charge of the offense, it’s time for fantasy owners to punt on the Colts’ skill position players. Because punting is something the Colts will be doing a lot in 2011.

Donovan McNabb:

The bell is tolling for the career of Donovan McNabb. How else do you explain week one’s paltry 39 yards passing? Granted, McNabb was probably not drafted to start on most fantasy squads, but if the season opener is any indication, even a bye week start looks doubtful. That is, if he is still the Vikings starter when the bye weeks begin. Hello Christian Ponder?

Percy Harvin:

See Donovan McNabb.