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by contributing author Bryan Corrado

Not My Team 

(Professional Sports Franchises want us to buy into that notion fans are part of the team, and I’m sellin’)

It keeps happening. While watching the local broadcast of a major league game I’m implored to come out to the ball park and be part of the team. Well, at first I was floored by the offer. Playing pro ball was always my dream. As a boy I would spend hours taking hacks off the tee my old man put together in the backyard so I could be the next Donny Baseball.

Now twenty something years later I find out all I have to do is show up and I’m part of the team. Ahh, if that were only the case. Turns out if I want to be part of the team, I have to buy a ticket. And if I want to get anywhere close to the field, near my ‘teammates’, it’s going to cost be more than a day’s pay. That’s not even including the price of parking and the fact I gotta provide my own transportation to the game. Heck even when I was a platooning, mediocre at best high school player, I always had a spot on the team bus. Those were truly the days. Not only could I ride with my team, but they actually knew who I was.

Does any pro player care if my dog ‘Coco’ dies? I dare to say that not only do they not care, but if I tried to get on the field to tell them the results would be disastrous. I assuredly would be stopped in my tracks by a team of security guards who’d proceed to beat me senseless. Even if I explained to them I was offered an oral contract to come out to the park and be part of the team I doubt I would be spared their thorough thrashing. To make matters worse I’d be fined heavily and quite possibly spend the night in jail. Be damned if I know how I’d pay the fine and legal fees either, since I spent all my extra money on joining the team.

In fact the more I think about it the less I want to join the team, on their terms. I want all pro teams to stop making an offer that’s not on the table. Professional sports will always draw masses through their gates. Pro sports naturally produces human drama and gives us real moments to remember throughout the generations that all these over produced ‘reality’ shows will never duplicate. Ever. To see a game in person played at the highest level will always be a thrill. Just please stop insulting me because I’m well aware of the fact I will never actually be a part of the team. Coco and I deserve better.